Monday, June 3, 2013

New Beginnings

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Today was my first day in my new classroom. Let me start by saying that my room is huge- especially without all of my furniture in there! I am exhausted, and have to say my room doesn't look like I did all that much today. I spent the morning unloading my car and cleaning the surfaces in the room. I also got all of the dress-up clothes out and sorted some to put away until later. In the afternoon, I worked on cleaning/organizing my desk and files. I cut and hung up bulletin board paper above one of the chalkboards to hang up my alphabet, and I put some of the other toys/center supplies away. Finally, I put away all of the stuff that I brought from home so that tomorrow when I go back, I can take in more stuff from home and put that away.

Just before I left, I got a tour of the building and asked a ton of questions! When I got home, I reloaded my car with more stuff and took a trip to Target, Home Depot, and Staples to get a few small things for my room. Hopefully, in the next few days, all of the stuff that was ordered- some art supplies, some office supplies, some toys, shelving, and a carpet will come in. Then, I can really get to work on setting up my room!

Here are the before images: (before I even emptied my car of stuff!)

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