Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation Brainstorming

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Summer has officially arrived and so has the time for peak rates anywhere you try to go for vacation. Hubby and I have no planned vacations- mostly because of my new job. We were planning on returning to Acadia this summer with friends. But when I got my job, those plans changed because I have school for 5 weeks, right in the middle of the time in Maine. Since we have a "weird" schedule, I don't think it's appropriate to take time off or use my sick days for vacation, only because my breaks are pretty frequent. (Let me explain- I am teaching Early Intervention, so we go to school all year. We have school for 4-7 weeks, then have 1-2 weeks off. It works out to about a week off at some point every month)

Now let me explain something - I grew up camping once a month from April-November for a weekend at a time, taking camping trips with my family, hiking, boating, fishing, and enjoying lots of time in nature. I think the older I get- I am not really old- just 27- the more I miss camping, hiking, fishing, and just being outside. Hubby and I have gone camping a few times together, but since we live in a different state, my familiar places are a bit further to get to. Also- me having only been working part-time, money was a bit tighter than we would have liked and we would have had to get a dog-sitter/board the dogs for a lot of the camping places around us.

I have 2 weeks left until school starts for me, so I am starting to really miss the idea of vacation. But- don't despair- there is hope! My parents and sister, as well as Hubby and I are thinking about take a family vacation during one of my breaks- either in August or October, or even a long weekend- which I have a lot of. Here are the possibilities/what we are thinking:

1. Shenandoah National Park
2. PA Grand Canyon.

1. Shenandoah is a place Hubby and I have been to, as well as a place I have gone with my family numerous times. I absolutely love it there- the deer are plentiful, the trails are quiet and well-kept, and it's just beautiful! A gorgeous place to be anytime of year. My favorite is the fall because you can see the changes in the leaves, the temps. are not too hot for hiking, and it's perfect sweatshirt weather.


2. PA Grand Canyon is a new place to all. My mom heard about it through a co-worker so I am investigating. Other than that- I don't know anything else about it.

The perk of both of these places is that the dogs can go with us- something I have always wanted to do camp with the dogs!)

A third place that I am tinkering with is New Hampshire's Dolly Copp. This is a place that I have been to with my family- Hubby has never been. It's another beautiful location, tons of hiking to do, and definitely a relaxing place. The dogs can't go there, nor can I say much about it in the fall. I have only ever been there in the summer.
 What are your favorite vacation spots?

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