Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

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I have been pinning ways to journal through a pregnancy like crazy. Before I go any further, I am not pregnant- at least not yet. But, me being me, I love to be prepared. I also like to have time to mull over thoughts and ideas before I act on them. So- I have been just gazing at ways to journal through the wonderful 9 months of pregnancy. Now, those of you that are already mothers, you may not agree that it's a wonderful 9 months. Me being naive, and hopeful, and being one of those women that struggle with trying to conceive, I view it as a true blessing and a wonderful experience. Plus- at the end of 9 months, you have a BABY!

Anyway- I fell in love with the idea of posing in front of a chalkboard with different designs for each week of the pregnancy. So- low and behold, I took a trip to a local Goodwill and picked up this beauty- it only cost me $14!

I had some chalkboard paint left over from the Dining Room Table project. I bought a sample of paint at Home Depot- it's Behr Paint and Primer in one- matte finish in Winter Surf for like $3. I taped the frame of the mirror, painted 2 coats of chalkboard paint. I let it dry overnight and took the tape off of the frame (it pulled up an edge of the chalkboard paint- but only slightly). Then, I painted 2 coats of Winter Surf on the frame. I let that dry over night. Finally- I used small artist brushes to touch up the tiny space that the tape peeled up. I absolutely love it! One thing I learned through the process- I didn't sand the mirror surface because that reminds me of nails on chalkboards (eek!) so I may have to touch up the chalkboard here and there throughout use of it, but I am totally ok with that!

It is currently resting on the floor (it's really heavy to hang!) and I haven't decided exactly where I want to hang it. Obviously, I am going to play with it before I use it for it's intended purpose, but I haven't had a chance yet. 

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