Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home Renovations- New Porch!

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So at Christmas time, Hubby was taking the dogs out, and stepped on a rotten patch on the porch. We temporarily covered it- with decorations- knowing we would be getting new decking installed this  year. Well, with all the rain and excessive heat we have had, it got put off. Finally, we did it! Last Saturday my dad came and we replaced the decking and the columns. Thank God for dads who are handy! We had all the decking taken off in less than an hour. We spent a hour at Home Depot buying materials. Then, we spent the rest of the day cutting the planks for decking and replacing the columns. I'm not going to lie- there was a period that I was having serious anxiety over the roof falling down while we were in the midst of replacing the middle column. See- the people who originally installed the porch decided to cut the beam and the cut line was resting on top of the column (pet peeve #1!).

Dad and Hubby working hard
We didn't know that until we had taken out the column and the roof began to sag- I mean wholly cow- that could have been a disaster! After a very long, hot day of cutting wood, screwing it down, measuring and just serious labor, we got it all done with the exception of putting the railings back up and the painting/staining process. Here is pet peeve #2- I HATE tongue and groove planking on outside surfaces. I think it is probably the worst material choice for outside applications. Due to our climate here in Eastern PA, we get rain, snow, humidity- basically all types of weather. With tongue and groove, there is no place for the water to go through.

It was painted with outside paint but that doesn't prevent all moisture from getting into the wood, which leads to quicker rot and decay. We were thinking about replacing the decking with composite
After railings were put back on
planks, but they are pretty pricey. Since we consider this our starter house and plan on moving in the next few years, I didn't want to pay for that type of investment if we weren't going to be here forever.

The same was true when we did our counter-tops and the same will be true when we replace the carpet in the downstairs.

Done with the rant-

So we still need to stain the decking surface, but everything else is pretty much done. We also took off some of the flashing across the bottom.
Before and After
 I love the after picture. It may not look a lot different to others, but I love it. I trust that I won't fall through, I love that we worked hard and did it ourselves and I love that the white flashing along the bottom is gone- I hated that- almost as much as I hate tongue and groove for outside applications.

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