Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Marathon of Life

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Life needs to slow down! I have been in my new job now for 3 weeks. In that time, I have gotten a lot of planning done- I am planned into the beginning of September. That's awesome because then I won't have to do any planning over our 2.5 week break. I have also done some bulletin boards around our area of the building, and have even been assigned some itinerant students for the remainder of this session of school (just another 1.5 weeks). Let me say that being an itinerant teacher is definitely not a job I would want forever. I feel like I am getting through it by constantly reminding myself that it's only temporary. Meeting all the kiddos is great, and getting to work with them is awesome. But- I don't necessarily love driving and I am driving pretty far into the county because I got a "left over" cases that no one else picked up. It really isn't that bad, but I feel like my life is all over the place between driving all over then being in my classroom in the afternoon. I am ready to get into my typical schedule/routine- you all know me- I thrive in structure and routine and stress when it's chaotic. It's all good- I still love my job and am so thankful for it!

I have also been trying to check things off of my personal list of things to do. I am in two weddings in September and have a third to go to in October. I had to get shoes- that I may be able to wear for all of the weddings. There are showers coming up that I needed to make and get things together for so that's what I did on Friday night. Then, yesterday, we went to the annual Chicken BBQ for my dad's lodge. We always come home with extra food, but this year we came home with a ton of tomatoes and corn. I stewed the tomatoes and canned them, and I blanched the corn and froze some ears, some whole kernel and some cream style.

Lastly, we are getting ready for vacation. We leave on August 11 and return on August 18. I can't wait to go- and am pumped to spend a week outside- hiking and relaxing! There is something about sleeping outside (in a tent) and enjoying nature that refreshes my senses and I find completely invigorating! Shenandoah- here we come!

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