Monday, August 19, 2013

Bridal Shower (part II)

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So we returned from vacation on Saturday around dinner time. I have to say I love camping- I put that up there on my top 5 favorite things to do- but it is nice to come home to the creature comforts we all have grown to know and love.

But, before I talk to much about vacation, I wanted to post about the other bridal shower I was prepping for. This one was for a very dear friend of mine from high school- she is more like a sister to me. We have been friends since elementary school. She was in my wedding and now I am in hers. We have been through thick and thin together, and distance nor time ever seems to matter to our friendship. I love that girl!

For this shower, we also had a candy bar for the favor table. I was responsible for bringing the jars which was cool because I have a ton from canning my food, and I already had them packed up from the previous shower. I also wanted to make some of the decorations. This shower was at a restaurant so we didn't have to make any of the food, but we brought in a few desserts. That was nice because it was one less thing to worry about. The bride had asked me to make a sign for her like some she saw on Pinterest for the wedding. I figured what better day to give them to her than at her shower? So, I finished it up with Hubby's help and packed it in the car. She said she loved it- and she would tell me the truth so I am happy I could make some special touches for her and her hunny for the BIG DAY!

Here are some photos of the day:

Next up: Vacation recap

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