Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life is Busy!

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Life sure got busy really fast! It has been a whirlwind of getting ready for weddings with showers, bachelorette parties, the actual weddings, making things for the weddings and then there is my
new-ish job! I have making things for my class, staying late because I am new and things take me a little longer and I probably am too anal for my own good. I keep getting new students which is great- I have a lot of openings bc I am a new class- but I feel like my list of things to do when I get new students is never getting shorter- like name takes, pictures, placemats, making tracking sheet for goals, etc. it is all really good stuff, but I am not having time to craft like I enjoy. I just to finish one more of the stockings I have been working on- then I am going to knit something for myself! I bought really soft yarn and am going to make a reversible cowl!

I also went to see a nutritionist to help look at what I eat vs should be eating with PCOS. It was great information, but it definitely put a wrench in my usual menu plan. I had to give up carbs after 3pm and most of the dinners that we ate/ones that I cook have carbs. It's been an adjustment period to figure out the carbs and proportions, but it's been worth it! I am also running most days of the week for at least 45 mins and I am up to 5 miles! It's been awhile since I ran this much and it is definitely a love- hate relationship. M y knees are sore today- I ran on the sidewalk last night because it was dark- it makes me think that I am really old...is that normal?

Maybe life will slow down in a few weeks once the September/October of weddings is over... Oh yeah, I am also having a SCENTSY party and I cannot wait!

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