Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scentsy Party (part 1)

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I have now been a Scentsy Independent Consultant for 15 days. In that time, I have not yet had any home or basket parties, but I have done some individual orders for friends and handed out catalogs
 and mentioned that I am now a consultant. I have also been prepping for home parties and basket parties, as well as trying to figure out if doing vendor events/holiday shows/bazaars is something that I would want to undertake. In order to participate in one of the large scale events that happen a lot around this time of year, I think it would be best to have some cash and carry product which is something I currently have very little of. It's also pretty late in the game to be signing up for the vender events because a lot of them have had vendors lined up since July. No matter- there's always next year! But, I am still prepping for home and basket parties, as well as an upcoming fundraiser or two. I decided to start with the prepping for a basket party, but I got to a stopping point until some of the latest order comes in so that I can finish making the "baskets". In the mean time, I have been prepping for home parties. I decided to start with the baskets that would house all of the sample scents that could be passed around. I wanted them organized by category of scent and I wanted them to be fun! My unintentional goal was that the same baskets of scents could be part of the display tables at future vendor events or even the upcoming fundraiser I am doing.

Now, me being me, I didn't want to be completely cheap, but I also was determined to not spend a ton on baskets. I decided on plastic ones and figure that if I build up to doing enough parties in a week, I will then buy some nicer baskets. To start out, I got some $1.00 baskets from the $1 spot at Target.  I started with weaving some gift wrapping ribbon around and through the holes, but it got to be too tedious and I didn't love the effect. I then opted to cut some scrapbook paper and glue them inside the basket and then glue a label I made to the outside here is the effect:


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