Sunday, October 6, 2013

Signing Up With Scentsy

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Wow! It has been almost a month since my last post! Within that last month, we have finished up with the attendance of the 3 weddings, I have my first Scentsy party, and I am about go have my "fall break" from school! I have also had a bachelorette party, visited with a nutritionist, lost 12lbs and am trying to figure out a good balance between being a new teacher and being a wife.

This post is going to focus on Scentsy since it's so new a fresh to me. Yesterday I had a Scentsy party- a friend came over and presented all about the products to some of my friends and family. I had this party knowing that I have had an interested in selling it for a few months but I wanted to actually go through and observe a party before I signed up to sell. Well, I was sold and I bought my starter kit today. I am pretty excited because I love having different scents that match my mood and the burner/warmer designs that Scentsy has to offer. Their Layers line is also really cool. I have been pinning things to help me prepare to be a consultant- things to make, ways to lay out the table, places to get my name out, etc. I am very excited for this new opportunity- I have been told that it really is great because it is simple, rewarding and fun! I am not a pushy sales-type person, but, neither was my consultant. A friend of mine once told me that I should do some sort of Direct Sales- she sold Mary Kay- but makeup was not for me to sell. She said I had to find something that I really enjoyed and was passionate about- and I have found it! Check back later this week to see some of my inspiration pins! So now, I say to you-

Bring on the clients and the hosts!

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