Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dog Friendly Christmas Gifts

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As Christmas is quickly approaching, I wanted to take the time to remind everyone to not forget about your 4-legged friends when you are doing your Christmas shopping or Christmas crafting. I know that our 4-legged friends are our "babies" so they are at the top of the list when I am figuring out what to make for everyone or what I need to buy. That being said, last year, I made our two dogs, as well as my parents and my hubby's parents' dogs treats at Christmas. I was so excited to make them because I had just bought this dog biscuit cookie cutter set. I like to use the medium size cookie cutter the best. I found a few recipes on Pinterest and started with this one. I liked the simplicity of it the best!

I was approached by Priscilla Liang over at DogVacay. She shared with me about a post on their blog with some new recipes for dog treats, and I cannot wait to try them out!. Here is the link to the post so you can check them out yourselves! The first one I am going to try is the Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins with Mashed Potato Icing. I think that even dogs deserve "dessert", and there isn't a whole lot that I enjoy more than a muffin! Another one, that may sound even more appetizing to me is the Dognog. I absolutely love eggnog during the holidays, and I am excited to be able to share that with my pups- and the recipe says it only takes about 5 minutes to prepare...what could be better?

Do you have any favorite dog treat recipes that you go to again and again? If so, what are they? I am also going to be making some more of the biscuit treats for the pups for Christmas again. I am going to try playing the recipe a little bit- adding some peanut butter and trying pumpkin puree instead of baby food. As soon as I know how they turn out, I'll let you know! I enjoy making the treats for our pups, especially since one of them has allergies (we don't know what exactly, but we think it's brewer's yeast...which is in a lot of dog food.) This helps me know that they are getting the very best and wholesome ingredients! Anything for my two "kids".

Any other ideas for dog treats?

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