Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hustle and Bustle

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It's my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the fall, but I love this time too! In my mind, I imagine it to be all happiness, time spent with family, and just a perfect replication from the movies (like It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas). I know in reality that people are more cranky, people are worried about money, depressed, and just all around wishing that there was more time before the holidays. I haven't even really been out shopping yet. Hubby and I got some done, and have ideas for others, but have yet to actually "pull the trigger" and buy the gifts or make the gifts.

This is the first year we have used our Advent calendar since I made it last year. I love it! Last night we decorated the outside, we have made some paper snowflakes, decorated inside and watched a Christmas movie so far. Tonight, we are watching the Sound of Music LIVE on NBC. I am pretty excited about this one. The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews brings back memories and waves of nostalgia of my time spent with my paternal grandparents. I don't even know if I even watched it with them, but I know they had it on VHS (remember those?) and I would always watch their tapes.

On another note, I have been debating whether or not I wanted to blog about a new journey in our lives. I have decided that I will share in hopes of meeting and inspiring (via blog world) some other women who have the same challenges in life.  When I was in college, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). At the time, it was just a label to what I had already been experiencing since I was in middle school. I also knew in the back of my mind, that it meant that there would probably be some issues when it came to fertility and trying to have a baby when Hubby and I were ready. However, at the time, that was just a future wish, one that I had not wanted or really was concerned about at the time. Well, here we are and I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster for months. It's much different to know what may be ahead and actually facing it full on. I have found that journaling and praying helps me sort out my feelings and thoughts. Others who have gone through the same hurdles have inspired me and I hope to inspire others. I have been reminded so many times that things do not go according to my plan, all things are part of God's plan. I am constantly asking for peace, reassurance and understanding as each day unfolds in this journey.

In the mean time, I am loving life and my time with the Hubby and the pups. I have a great job and get to play with kids everyday- who could ask for anything more?

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