Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sew Fancy for the Holidays

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had great holidays and are recovered, just in time for New Year's! We spent the day in Jersey with the families. I made a new recipe that I found online to compliment our breakfast at my parents' house. I made these cinnamon buns and boy-oh-boy they were delicious! One thing to change for next time: I got 17 cinnamon buns, far too many for the 5 of us at breakfast so I will half the recipe next time!

Sadly, I didn't remember to take any pictures of them once they were iced, but next time I will!

I also wanted to share with you a quick sewing project that I completed over my winter break. I was in the market for some Christmas pot holders. I love that I can change out my dish towels and I wanted to be able to do the same for the pot holders that I use so often during the holidays. I hit up JoAnn's and found some Christmas material on sale for 70% off so I got 2 yards of material for less than $5.00. Well, I made them yesterday so I didn't use them for my Christmas baking, but I have them for next year- plus, it will be a sweet surprise when I take out my Christmas decorations and find them in there (I will have forgotten all about them in a year's time).

I followed this tutorial to make the long, double-handed pot holder.

Things I did differently:
-I used Insulbrite instead of terry cloth. I made a sandwich of holiday fabric with the Insulbrite in between.
-I quilted the two materials I had for the striped section, which also was a sandwich of material and Insulbrite.
-I added a hook to each one so that when my kitchen island is complete, I can hang it from the hook.
-I ended up with extra of the quilted piece, so I made a square potholder also, which used the remainder of my bias tape that I bought for this project. 

Things I will do next time:
- An additional layer of Insulbrite would be a good idea. I sampled the square potholder today and while it served it's purpose, I am still skiddish with the oven and would love an insurance layer.

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  1. These look great! I love changing out my kitchen towels and pot holders at Christmas time, too!

  2. Yum, I was going to say that's a lot of cinnamon buns!


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