Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kitchen Island Reveal

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About 3 years ago, Hubby and I replaced our Formica countertops, with the help of my dad, with butcher block ones from IKEA. There were some left-over pieces that my dad cut into cutting boards (Hubby and I decided we didn't want to cut right onto the countertop even though it was butcher block). There was still a left over piece that was about 30"x40" and I hoped that one day it would be made into a kitchen island.

Well, my dad did that too! He built the frame at home, then brought it here to finish up. He left some things for Hubby and I to finish as well. We added trim to the bottom shelf to ensure nothing would slip off if one of the cats decided to take shelter on it. We had to cut the middle shelf, fill the nail holes, prime, and paint, but I am loving the result! It is so nice to half the extra counter space and to be able to keep our pots out in the open instead of a cabinet since they get used all the time. I am still in the process of reorganizing the kitchen, but I think it will be a work in progress until a couple of other things get fixed (2 bottoms of the cabinet have warped bottoms so that needs to be fixed, and I want to replace the shelving in the pantry to make it a more efficient use of space).

I debated on a few color choices: red, gray, black, white. Our towels and accent color in the kitchen is red, but I was worried tat someday that might change and so I didn't want to paint the island red in-case it no longer matches in the future. I decided to not paint it white for two reasons: 1- I was afraid it would get too dirty, and 2- our cabinets are white and I thought that might be too much for the space. I decided to not paint it black because I thought that would be too dark for the space and make the kitchen feel small. Finally, that left gray and I am loving the result!

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