Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He or She, What Will Baby H Be?

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Yesterday was Memorial Day. We typically spend the day with family at a BBQ. This year was a little different, only because we are expecting and wanted to be able to share with our families the gender of our baby. So, at 19 weeks, we had the "20 week ultrasound" in order to determine the gender prior to Memorial Day.

That was Saturday.

I could not sleep Friday night, but let me first explain that in reality, that made no sense. So our plan was to have the ultrasound technician determine the gender, but not to tell us. We had her put the photo into an envelope. We then went to Babies R Us and picked out a small boy and girl token. We took them, along with the envelope and cash to the register, and handed everything over. We then walked around and bought a baby shower gift for a friend. The cashier looked in the envelope and wrapped up the correct gift.

Now let me explain that ordinarily, Babies R Us does not wrap. I called on Friday night and asked specifically if they would do this for us. They were happy to, as long as we went in early enough so that they weren't too busy. So, now you see, it didn't make sense for me to not be able to sleep since I wasn't actually going to be finding out on Saturday. Hubby and I were still going to have to wait until Monday!

After we left Babies R Us, we decided to leave the wrapped item in the car to have less temptation to peak ahead of time.

Fast forward to Sunday night- I slept like a rock, despite my excitement. I even took a 2-hour nap Monday morning prior to heading to NJ for the BBQ. My cousin's wife (let's just call her my cousin too!) is doing photography, so Hubby and I had asked her if she would take pictures of us opening the gift for our reveal. She agreed and did a fantastic job! She even did some of us with a chalkboard. Here are some of our favorites!

Check out my very talented cousin's photography at: Elyse Elliott Photography

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