Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby H's Closet

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This was definitely one of the easiest DIY's that I have done, as well as one of the first for Baby H's nursery. Hubby revamped the closet by installing a closet system. I wanted the bookshelf-type setup in the center to store most of Baby H's clothes. The dresser in the room will be for storing some clothes, but mostly our diapers (we are doing cloth!), some blankets, and the random other things. So, the closet shelves/bins are to store the onesies, sleepers, etc.

After he finished the closet, I took a trip to Michael's and purchased 6 of the door hangers. I spray painted them yellow and grey, and my original plan was to modge podge scrapbook paper onto them. But, I scrapped that idea decided to cut out our animals of choice (we are putting crocodiles, giraffes and elephants in the nursery as accent pieces) and glued those on to the door hangars. I then used chalk markers to write the months. I have only finished 3 so far, because those are the only sizes of clothes that we have at the moment. As we get some bigger pieces, I'll finish up the other closet dividers appropriately. My plan is to hang them with ribbon- just with a bow tied at the top, but I have to get some ribbon. Hopefully that will be this weekend and then I can call it completely finished!

What are some DIY projects you have done for your little one?

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