Sunday, June 8, 2014

Baby Projects To Complete

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So we have know that Baby H is going to be a girl for about 3 weeks now. In that time, we have also started the nursery transformation (don't worry- that reveal will come when the nursery is complete). I have also started some other projects for her. Ever since I can remember wanting to be a mom, there have been things that I want to make for my kids. Some of them involve toys, furniture, knitted items, nursery items, cloths, etc. I can't help it- for one-  I love crafting and two- I feel like that is something so rare anymore and it fits my old-soul personality to a "t". Here is a list of many of the items I want to make, some of them can be reused for other babies and some of them are girl specific. The links are to the original source where I was inspired. As I complete each project, I'll blog about it and link back to the source as well!

crib sheets
nursery decor- wall art (a link to my pinterest board of various ideas...I can't decide yet what I want)
nursing cover (6/22/14)
I-spy bags
number bean bags
fabric letters
knit hat with flower
knit booties
diaper cover and hat combo
knit sweater
knit blanket (started)
fabric doll house
fabric doll
closet organizers (started)
knit elephant
sewn stuffed animals
diaper caddy (added 6/26/14)
reusable snack bags (added 6/26/14)
burb cloths (added 6/26/14)
shopping cart cover (started) (added 6/26/14)

and the list will continue to grow- I'm sure, as I continue to search Pinterest. Some of these items will come later as she grows, but others I hope to have complete before her birthday!

As a teaser- here is the first complete project- a knit hat from the link above, with a crocheted flower. I taught myself how to knit when I was in college, and I learned the crochet flower this morning while watching a YouTube video to complete it. It's really an easy pattern for both pieces, and I will probably make more!

What kind of projects did you make for baby?

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