Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Artwork for the Nursery

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The theme of our nursery is more about colors. We chose to paint the walls a neutral color and add purple accents once we learned that our baby is a girl. We, or I, had decided to have accent pieces that had elephants, giraffes, and crocodiles as well. But, not in a kitschy kind of way- more of a grown-up/classic kind of way.

I had also decided to bring in cardinals because they are something that I grew up knowing that my grandmothers loved, and Hubby's mom loves them too. Since we are using their names, we wanted to tie them into Baby H's life as something special and personal. I found these prints on ETSY in Black Baroque's store. I wasn't able to find one that was a crocodile that would be appropriate for a nursery, but I love the giraffe and elephant print.

We also hung a mirror above the dresser that is going to be the changing table. I think it's great to have mirrors around for babies- even newborns. I think it is a great way to begin to teach self-awareness, body awareness and even begin language development (can you tell I work in early childhood?).

I am not ready to do a full reveal yet, but here is a snippet of the stuff we hung this past weekend!

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