Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birthing Preparations

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So we spent the day today at the local hospital for a full day birthing class. It was a really long day, and the seats were definitely not comfy for pregnant women, but it was well worth it.

I have been going through bouts of anxiety over the labor process because I want it to be as natural as possible. I want as few interventions as possible. I feel like the whole experience is natural, beautiful, and something that our bodies were created for. That being said, I also wanted to make sure that baby's safety and my own were priority. I knew that the priority was not going to be an issue, but I also believe all the horror stories I have hear/seen on TV and was afraid of certain things:

1. That I would be hassled about getting an epidural
2. That I would not get a choice for certain procedures
3. That Dr.'s and nurses would just go about their business and not discuss the procedure/risks/benefits with      Hubby and I.
4. I was afraid that my choices would not be respected or valued

I had started to write a birth plan. But, at the same time, I didn't want to appear or come off as a nut job. I mean, I know it was my choice to deliver in a hospital and not a birthing center, and it was my choice to remain in a large practice without an OB. But, I still want to feel like we have a say.

Some things I want (in a perfect world where the labor is progressing and interventions are not needed)
1. No augmentation/pain medication
2. To be able to move around and labor/deliver in what I determine to be comfortable
3. To have skin-to-skin contact immediately
4. To have no artificial nipples be given- pacifiers, bottles, etc.
5. To have the right to change my mind
6. To be comfortable and have a say/talked to and allowed to decide with Hubby.

After the class today, I am way more confident. Almost all of my questions were answered and if they weren't, they are ones that are more appropriate with my Dr. or will come up/be asked on an as-needed basis during the labor. As I approach the end of my 2nd trimester (on Friday), we are growing more excited to meet our baby girl.

We also went on an extensive tour of the L&D ward and the new mother/baby pavilion at our hospital. One awesome thing- every room in a single so no weird roommate and Hubby can stay with me the whole time!

How did you prepare for laboring and what questions did you have?

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