Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grace Pillow

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A quick post about the pillow I made for the nursery. I knew I wanted to have a personalized pillow on the glider for decorative purposes, for picture purposes and just because I love the comfort of pillows, and this project began even before I found my $42 glider! I also stumbled across this pillow on Pinterest and loved the look of them. I thought about doing just her initials, but I just felt like doing her name. (the link takes you to my pin. I tried to locate the original source, but wasn't able to. Please notify me if you find it/know where it came from, and I will relink to it.)

When I replaced the curtains in our living room, I saved the old ones and have repurposed them for various projects around the house, mainly as backing to pillows I made for the couch. I used some more of the curtains to make the pillow form. I already had a zipper that was long enough, and used this pillow form from Ikea. 

I started by designing the letters to be cut out on my Cricut. I used the online software so that I could play with the size, spacing and make sure the name would fit on the pillow form. I cut the letters out in cardstock so that they were steady enough to trace onto the material to cut out. I ironed interfacing to the material (both of which I already had) and then traced the letters in reverse onto the interfacing. I cut out all of the letters, pinned them onto the pillow form, and then zig-zag stitched around each letter. That part took me forever, and it's not perfect, but I have washed the cover and it held up so I'm thrilled.

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