Thursday, July 3, 2014

My $42 Nursery Glider

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Now let me start off by saying how much of a bargain lover I am! I also don't mind spending a chunk of money on something that will last and meets various other criteria based on purpose. For example, when I found out we were going to have a baby, I started prepping by figuring out what kind of nursery we wanted, and the color scheme we wanted.

After sitting in what felt like 100 different rockers/gliders, I finally found one that I loved, but the price tag was about $500 for a plush, reclining glider. We were prepared to save up for it, use gift cards, and fork over the dough. It was a chair that would go with our living room decor when we no longer wanted it in the nursery, which was one of the criteria I had stipulated. But, I kept playing with the idea of getting a cheaper chair that I really found comfortable just because I do love bargains so much.

Well, I had my mom on the hunt through her travels. One day, she called and was in a thrift store and said they had a great chair for $50, and it was on sale, so it would be $35! I asked her a bunch of questions about the quality, what it looked like, was it comfortable, etc. I tried to have her send me a picture, but for whatever reason, it didn't work. Let me back up and say that I totally trust her judgement, but not having sat in it myself, I was a little unsure. Well, I went with my gut and told her I would take it, and the store held it for me. The next day, my mom and dad went and picked it up for us since we live in another state. Later that day, we went to their house and sat in it and let me tell you- it definitely was as comfortable as the $500 chair- I couldn't believe it, and for only $35!

Well, we brought it home that night. The cover was ugly, and the wood needed to be cleaned really well. It wasn't a recliner/glider- it is a glider, no footstool included. But, it is good quality and I trust it to last a long time! The next day, I took a trip to JoAnn's and bought some upholstery material at 50% off and used a coupon and paid $7 for 2 yards of material! I came home, and immediately began the process of reupholstering the chair.

It was quite a process to get the old cover off. I used those pieces as pattern pieces. The original cover was sewn on, but I wanted to have a zipper so that I could wash it if need be, especially with the dogs and a baby on the way.  The material I got is pretty thick and adds even more cushioning to the pieces. After a few hours of work, I got the two pieces recovered and cleaned up the chair. Let me tell you, the chair is so comfortable! I tend to wander upstairs and just sit in the chair and dream of Baby!

I added the pillow I made (a post about that coming!) and a blanket that someone gave us. Pink is not one of our colors, but it was the only "girly" baby blanket that we have at the moment and it truly is a beautiful blanket.

I imagine this getting a lot of use and can't wait to really enjoy it!

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