Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Warm Fuzzy Blanket

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One of the projects that I wanted to complete prior to going into labor was a knit blanket. I have pinned so many that I love, have pattern books of others that I loved, but I found one that I absolutely adored on DanaMadeIt. I loved the colors that she used- and I wanted to use a similar color scheme. I love chevrons for some reason, and I really like chunky ones. I read through her post about the blanket, and come to find out, the original pattern is from The Purl Bee. I picked my colors based on the color scheme of the nursery, and used as many yarns that I already had to complete the color scheme. I used primarily Red Heart yarn for the durability factor. I followed the pattern exactly (with a few mishaps along the way...can you see them?)

Here is the finished product:

It is definitely thick because it was knit with 2 ends of yarn at the same time. It is a little smaller than I imagined it to be, but I think it will be great to use as a tummy time mat, when we go for walks, in the car, etc. 11.5 weeks to go! While I am enjoying every minute and every little change I notice going on, I am very excited to meet Baby H!

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