Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pregnancy Progress

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Today I am 35 weeks, 5 days. I can't believe how fast these last 35 weeks have gone during this pregnancy! And man, do I hope and pray that all of my pregnancies are this easy! I have absolutely loved being pregnant and have felt great the entire time. During the first trimester, I didn't have a single bout of nausea! Now for all of you momma's out there that experience(d) nausea and morning sickness, I'm sorry and I don't mean to brag.

The rest of the time, I have felt just as great. I mean, I have felt exhausted at different points. It's harder to walk far or fast, and definitely impossible to "power walk" for exercise. I also think that my job keeps me pretty active so I count that as my exercise for now. Most recently, I have been getting cramps. I don't think they are any big deal, and didn't even think to mention them to the Dr. At my last OB appt. The cramps I get are when I am moving around too fast, like walking or chasing after the kids at school. They feel just like running cramps. (If anyone has experienced this and I should be worried, please let me know! But, for now, I assume they are just normal!) I also have started to get stretch marks, and they are probably the worst part that I can complain about. Mine are so itchy. I have heard that is normal, but I seem to find no long-term relief. I have found a regime that provides some comfort- a cool rag, followed by Vitamin E lotion, followed by Gold Bond powder, and then use an ice pack as needed. (update: Grandpa's soap- Pine-Tar seem to help too!) This is the most comfort I am able to find. Any other tips you all have would be greatly appreciated!

Here are a few progress photos. I am pretty apprehensive about putting them online- I am into having my picture taken very often, but this is a journey that I have enjoyed and love looking at the progress throughout.

Man, I look HUGE!

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