Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breastfeeding- The Good, The Bad, and the....Sexy?

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I absolutely love breastfeeding (BF). I seem to be one of those moms who are blessed with a good milk supply. My milk came in after about 2-3 days, and it's been full force ever since. That being said, there are things about breastfeeding that I was not prepared for, despite my best efforts. We took a class at the hospital before Baby H was born, I read "The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding" at about 4 months pregnant and talked to other BFing momma's.

Everyone has heard, "Breast is Best" and I am one of those moms who believe that. However, I also know that many women struggle with it or for some other reason, are unable to BF. Thank God that I had no issues with it- I probably would have been devastated after trying to prepare for it for 9 months and always planning on BF since the day I first even thought about being a mommy. (Again, for all those that struggle with it or choose not to BF- you have to do what is best for you and your family and situation- that's what matters most of all!) When I first imagined breastfeeding, I don't know what I thought it would look like. I mean, we have all seen it on TV, or even in public. I knew that I wanted to be comfortable enough to feed my children in public, while still keeping my modesty. I sewed a cover for just that reason- one that wrapped all the way around. (You can check that post out here). But, I was not prepared for the unending questions I had about it- "Was I doing it right?", "Why does the initial latch hurt?", "Will the initial latch stop hurting?", "Am I making enough milk?" just to name a few. BFing definitely has its own learning curve that is best learned through doing!

Parts I love:
- The looks that Baby H gives me and faces she makes while she is eating
- The bonding time with her
- When my letdown happens, I feel so relaxed and at peace- it truly is a great feeling
- Shedding the baby weight quicker
- Being amazed at how perfectly our bodies were made to BF
 - It's completely natural
- It lowers health risks
- Oh, and did I mention its FREE! 
- It's simpler- something that I always strive for!
- I can feed her anywhere without much preparation
- Many more...

Here, here, and here are great sources for BFing information in addition to asking your Dr, Pediatrician, and other BFing mommas.

While there are an insurmountable parts of BFing that I love, there are a few aspects that are harder, or not my favorites.

Parts that are less loved:
- Hubby cannot feed our daughter, so I feel like he is missing out on bonding during the feeding times. (We have begun to try to introduce a bottle because I will be returning to work eventually)- The lack of sleep because I have to be present at each feeding time.
- The feeling of engorgement- it's really pretty crazy how rapidly our bodies can empty and fill the milk ducts. Then I switch to the love list because it's incredible!
- The looks I get from some people when BFing in public (mind you- I am completely covered!)- although I am starting to care less and less about it!

But, there is another aspect to BFing that I find humorous and was not really prepared for- not that you really need to be prepared for it. I find nursing clothing to be a bit provocative. It may just be my immature self when it comes to certain topics, but I chuckle to myself every time I put on a nursing tank top or a nursing bra. There are these flaps that come up and snap into place to close the piece of clothing. When it's time to nurse, you just unhook the snap and the flap folds down. However, when they are open, there is a strap that connects the chest band to the adjustable shoulder strap, and it reminds me of some sort of lingerie for hidden eyes! This is not the best description, but for anyone that has every worn nursing wear, you'll know what I am talking about. Please, tell me I am not they only one!

My goal is to breastfeed through Baby H's first year, but I would also love to continue BF longer at bedtime unless she self-weans.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about breastfeeding?

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  1. I wish I had because my kids both ended up having disabilities (this might have helped) but my OWN sensory issues prevented it. I still feel weird about that - I don't know any other mom who had this problem, but this area is one of few zones on my body where contact is often intolerable. (Let's not even talk about bras, stupid painful contraptions for small women like me.) I still have guilt ANYWAY, but I try to keep it in perspective. My kids eat healthier and cleaner now than most kids I know at all. Good for you for making it work and keeping positive about it!


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