Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Life With a 1-Week Old

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I am completely amazed at how much my days have changed in just 1 short week and how much I am loving the changes. I can honestly say that Hubby and I are enjoying every second of it...even the massive gross poops we have had (he has changed more of those than me!), the lack of sleep, the crying, and the additional laundry.

In just a week's time, there are some things that I have learned, things that Baby H has taught me.

Things I have learned:
*to slow down- Baby H sleeps most of the day so I try to rest while she is resting (great advice that everyone should follow! I am trying to get Hubby on board too!)
*have diapers ready prior to taking off dirty diaper- more of a Hubby learning curve
* I need to physically rest... My body went through a very physical change and I am still pretty sore because I have not been resting like I should be
* to enjoy the quiet time. We made the decision to avoid TV as much as possible very various reasons (a post on that later). That goes for not being on our phones when we are with Baby H. We want to be completely intuned to her at this point because we know that time is going to fly! We spend a lot of time listening to music and just enjoying baby time!
*housework can wait- I read that a hundred times, but am learning to live with things not always put away... I'm still working on not feeling bad about it or apologizing to people when they stop over
*my "to-do" list can't wait

Baby H already enjoys tummy time! I am so excited because I know that it is so important to all parts of development (teacher here!). We get down to her eye level and just talk to her. She is turning her head from side to side, needing to pause in the middle. She involuntary smiles which melts our hearts, even though it is not necessarily a direct result of something we did. She loves car rides and walks in her stroller and our Ergo (we still need to try our Moby Wrap, but I am willing to bet she loves that too!). Baby H likes spending time with the dogs, although I don't think she is super fond of being licked yet by them. She currently sleeps a ton during the day- through dogs barking, vacuum running, dishwasher noise, etc. She also sleeps pretty well at night too, with the exception of feeding time. We are beginning to have more awake time with her during the day (YAY!) so that we can play longer :-)

We have also started using our cloth diapers full time! I am super excited about that! Stay tuned for my tips and things that we have learned cloth diapering a newborn!

Isn't she just the cutest thing?

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