Sunday, October 5, 2014

Where is Baby H?

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I am officially 38 weeks and 2 days, although I think that I am 39 weeks and 2 days. My original due date was October 10. But, early on, the OB changed my due date to October 17 due to hormone levels. My argument is that I know when I ovulated and since my hormone levels are never on target due to PCOS, why change the due date? Anyway, we are impatiently waiting for Baby H to make her appearance into this world! I'm still feeling great, as I have throughout (sorry to all those momma's out there that have hard pregnancies!). But, I am definitely ready to meet our daughter. My hips are starting to feel sore, according to lots of women I work with, I have significantly dropped, but I am worried that since I am not having any "trouble" or "signals" that she is still a ways away from making her way out.

I am pretty adamant in regards to how I want the birthing to go. But, I also realize that I am not really in control of that and willing to talk about it if the need arises. I would prefer to not be induced, to not be given pitocin or any epidural, and to naturally progress through the phases. I am trying to I twice her out with hot baths, showers, siting, rolling and rocking on a yoga ball and walking. I refuse to try castor oil because that's disgusting and I can't do spicy food- I get heartburn just taking about it.

Dear Baby-

You are warm and cozy in my abdomen. Your daddy and I are excited to meet you and are starting to get impatient. I promise we will keep you warm, cozy and safe out here in our arms. We long to meet you, hug you, kiss you and love on you! I know you have more of a say in your arrival date than I do, so I will try to be patient, but please don't wait too long.


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