Thursday, November 6, 2014

1 Month Milestones

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Today marks the 1-month point for our little bundle of joy. I am torn by thinking "it's already been a month" and "it's only been a month". It has definitely been an adjustment for Hubby and I, and for the dogs even, having our first baby. We are tired and crash by 9pm, usually when she goes to bed. Hubby was home for the first two weeks, but is now back to work. I am home all day with Baby H, and am loving every second of it- however tiring it may be. It is everything that I hoped, prayed, imagined and knew it would be.

She wasn't too amused. I crammed the pictures in-between sides of her feeding (nursing sides) so that she was awake. 
Our younger dog, Xena, decided to make an appearance.
This month:
- you are doing a great job nursing
- you are able to keep your head up for a short period of time, but then you get tired
- you love tummy time, and so does Mommy and Daddy
- you were born at 8lbs, 12 oz. By your two week checkup, you had gained 1lb, 1oz, bringing you to 9lbs, 13 oz. You love eating!
- you are focusing on things further away and above you.
- you turn your attention to Mommy's and Daddy's voices
- you took your first bottle today!
- you are smiling unintentionally

Dear Baby Girl,
Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We are constantly catching each other just staring at you, smiling. Mommy thinks you have her Grandmother's nose and tongue. You definitely have a lot of hair- that is the first thing everyone comments one! Sometimes I see more of Daddy in you, and sometimes I see more of me in your facial features. You usually don't enjoy being swaddled; you like to have your hands and feet free, just like Daddy. The dogs love sniffing and licking you, and you don't seem to mind too much. They typically alert us when it's time to change your diaper. You love bath time- it seems to really calm you. We have to cover you with a small wet hand towel or else you don't like it. Car rides, walks in the stroller, and walks with our Ergo and Moby are really enjoyable. You typically fall asleep but the other day on our walk, you were alert and looking around at everything! It has been an awesome month of new adventures, for you and for us. We love you, Grace Isabella. 


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