Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cloth Diapering: Part 3

This post contains affiliate links that help me continue this blog. Thanks for your support!
This post may contain affiliate links that help me continue this blog. Thanks for your support!

In my last cloth diapering post, I told you that we had been cloth diapering for 2 weeks. I am here to tell you we are still going strong! I think Baby H has been in a disposable maybe twice since my last post about CDing and that was only because we didn't plan appropriately how many CD's we needed to take with us. This post is about our wash/dry routine.

(On Sunday, we discovered that our washer was not putting out hot water during the wash cycles....uh-oh. We aren't sure exactly how long that had been going on, but Hubby is sure it can't have been too long because he has felt warm water coming out recently. He is in the process, as I type, to fix it...hopefully it works!)

Our routine:
I'll start by telling you that we wash diapers every other day, although we can go two full days and wash on the third day if need be. We have a dry diaper pail on both floors at each of our diaper-changing stations. We also use cloth wipes and I make the solution with water and unscented Dr. Bronner's castile soap. When we change the diapers, we separate the inserts from the covers, or the liners from the covers before we drop the dirty diapers into the pail. That way, on wash day, everything is already separated and ready to be washed. We do a short wash cycle- no detergent, primarily for the agitation and the rinse. Then we do a warm, heavy duty wash with detergent, followed by another short wash without detergent. We have been doing an additional rinse as well to ensure all of the detergent is out.

Now, we are starting to notice a stale urine (not ammonia) smell as soon as pee hits the diaper. We aren't sure yet what the cause is. But, I have a package of RLR coming in the mail. We are going to strip the diapers to start fresh. We aren't sure if we have hard water, which means we need to increase the amount of detergent we use and probably drop the last rinse since there is technically a rinse at the end of each wash cycle. Or, it may be that we have a detergent buildup and need to decrease the amount of detergent used. I'll keep you posted!

As for drying, we dry the inserts in the dryer and we hang dry the covers, the wet bags, and anything with PUL. We have been hanging them on one of these Octopus things from Ikea in the bathroom with a fan blowing on them. But, for my birthday, my parents got me a lightweight/portable tripod clothesline for outside. I just used it for the first time and I couldn't be happier. We are saving energy, being green, and it's good for the life of the diapers. Being green and saving money are the whole reasons we decided to use cloth diapers, so now we are really following along those lines! Once it's nice and warm out again, I'll dry the inserts on the line also, but for now, we will continue to use the dryer because the inserts take longer to dry. But, if any of the inserts are stained, we will put them outside to sun, a natural whitener.

What is your wash routine for cloth diapers?


  1. When I was diapering 1 to 2 kids at a time (I cloth diapered 4), I washed everything every other day and hung it all to dry. We have a great outdoor line, plus I have drying racks for the basement which I used to set up near the furnace.

    I'd love for you to share your tips with my readers at Motivation Monday if you have a chance.

    1. I will do! Thanks for sharing! What detergent did you use? I am always looking for new suggestions or recommendations.

  2. I wish I'd been able to use cloth diapers with my kiddos; once you get started it seems so much easier than I thought it would be!

    1. I really think it's simple, and Hubby doesn't seem to mind. We haven't bought a single disposable diaper- we have only used ones we were given as gifts and from the hospital.


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