Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#NaptimePursuits: DIY Soft Blocks

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Earlier in my pregnancy, I spent a day cutting what seemed like a million squares of fabric. I cut a bunch of 4", 5", and 6" squares. I then sewed them into a "cross" pattern so that I could make soft blocks for Baby H. I decided to save them for Christmas since Baby H won't be playing with them right away anyway. She probably won't be ready by Christmas either, but that would be a better time for "giving" them to her.
Things I learned:
1. It's tedious to cut a bunch of squares, even with using a straight edge and a rotary cutter. It makes me really appreciate the amount of work it takes to make a quilt.
2. Thank God for sergers- the putting together was a lot faster than if I had to sew them with a straight stitch and lock it down.
3. I do not particularly enjoy hand sewing- in fact, I am still in the process of closing each edge of the blocks, and I only did like 5 before Baby H was born.

4. I made about 17 blocks- 6 of size small and medium, and 5 large ones. I used a lot of stuffing, so I am glad I had some on hand and bought the other on sale and with a coupon

Stuffed square, not yet closed
Now that I am on maternity leave, and Christmas is next month, I figure it's time to finish this project up. Yesterday I sewed about 6 more blocks and I have 6 left. My goal is to finish these up during one of Baby H's daily naps- although if she fusses like she did today (really bad baby gas :-( ), there won't be too many workable naps.

Hand stitched closed. Not the best stitch to use, but I lost my patience trying
to do an invisible seam.  


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