Monday, December 8, 2014

2 Month Milestones

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I can't believe it's time for this post already!

Always looking at her Daddy :-)
She looks so big sitting in the rocking chair!

This month:
-You hold your head, neck and chest up, propping yourself up on your forearms (Mommy places your arms under you)
-You are wiggling your butt like crazy during tummy-time. I think a roll in in our future! (No sooner did I write that, then you ROLLED OVER towards the right side. You used your head to lead)
-You follow objects movement from side to side and are staring very intently at objects.
-You are opening your hands up more, and grabbing onto toys and pulling
-You and Daddy have a special bonding time of talking to one another- the cooing is absolutely the cutest thing EVER!
- You weigh in at 13lbs and 23" long! You are starting to be too long for 0-3 month clothes, especially with your cloth diapers

Little Baby Girl-
We are absolutely smitten with you! It has been a great month for us as a family. You have experienced your first Thanksgiving- and you basically slept the whole time! The family thinks you sleep all the time still- but boy are they wrong. You must be saving your awake time for Mommy and Daddy. You also were given your first taste of pumpkin pie; you didn't really take to it- you let it sit on your lips for awhile, but tried to push it out with your tongue. 

Mommy has learned how to nurse you discreetly- in the Moby Wrap and Ergo Carrier, as well as with my everyday clothing (YAY- because you hate when I use the cover when nursing!) Daddy keeps trying to feed you a bottle- and you keep playing with it and giving him a hard time. Baby Girl, you have to take a bottle- Mommy has to return to work in February. You took the bottle once...what happened? You have been playing with it when he tries. Sometimes you get upset and sometimes you continue to play without latching onto it.



  1. So cute and tiny! My youngest is 9 months old, but it feels like it was forever ago he was so small!

  2. Aww, you are doing a great job! My nephew also refused the bottle...tough on you!

    1. Thanks, Heather! Did your nephew ever take a bottle? How did that work when his mom went back to work?

  3. You will be so grateful to have this documented!

    1. I love looking back on it already. I'm a big sentimental cheese ball :-)


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