Thursday, December 4, 2014

Babywearing IS Convenient

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Before Baby Girl arrived, I had some pretty strong opinions about those infant "bucket seats" that click into everything- the car, stroller, etc. Hubby and I opted to bypass that system and go right to a convertible seat for infants. We chose the Graco MySize65 in Tidalwave, which matches our Graco Jogging Stroller. There were many people who told us we would regret it. They said that the bucket seat was so convenient, easy and portable. They questioned what we would do if she fell asleep in the car and we needed to go into a store or the house. They questioned what we would do with her when we were other places- like the Dr's, friends, etc where we needed to put her down. Well, we are two months into parenthood, and I have to say that I still have pretty strong feelings about those "bucket seat" systems.

There hasn't been a single moment when I wished we had chosen convenience over what felt right to me. As I mentioned in this post, I think that they are overused in our society. I think that many times, infants/babies are left in those seats for far too long, placed in front of the TV in them, and prevented from ever having to use and strengthen their neck and core muscles. Not to mention, too much time on one side- whether it's a specific side or back, leaves baby with a misshapen head. I have the opinion, for many items, that convenience is not always better. I think that a lot of skills have been delayed due to modern day conveniences- like drinking from an open cup instead of a straw, including both gross and fine motor skills, along with many others. When Hubby and I found out we were going to be parents, he kind of took my lead on items that we wanted/didn't want. I work with children with developmental delays and so many of my opinions stems from that experience (I am not saying that it is an all-or-nothing approach. We just figured if we never had it, we couldn't miss it! And, I fully realize that my opinion could change with Baby #2!)

Responses to questions and statements we got as a result of bypassing the "bucket seat"
1. We would regret it.
     No regrets so far! We haven't had it so we don't miss it.

2. The bucket/click system is convenient.
     We didn't have a baby for convenience. I want us and her to experience our touch as much as possible. Her being carried/worn has helped her strengthen her core and neck muscles a lot sooner. She is experiencing/using her senses more often by being able to look around, and use her muscles to react to our movements. Millions of families didn't have those conveniences years ago, who's to say they are better?

3. The bucket/click system is portable.
     Baby Girl was 11lbs, 2oz at her 1 month checkup. (Her 2 month is on Saturday). At the rate she is growing, for how long would that system be portable and comfortable for us to carry around?

4. What if she falls asleep in the car?
     We carry her inside. IF she wakes up, we help soothe her back to sleep. We also try to plan accordingly. If we are going out and it's a "nap time" (not that we have a schedule yet), we try to be out long enough to be an acceptable nap. That's not always possible, and sometimes she wakes up and we can't get her to go back to sleep, then so be it. Again, we try to plan accordingly.

5. Where do you put her when you are out?
     We wear her- everywhere! We wear her while we are shopping, walking around town, or during family get-togethers when no one has hands because they are eating- perfect example was Thanksgiving. I have mastered feeding her while she is in the Moby Wrap and have just recently learned how to feed her while she is in the Ergo Carrier. Hubby and I both wear her. In the few instances where we would want or need to be able to put her down- we use the stroller because it reclines, or we have a collapsible reclining/vibrating/music playing seat that we can take. I have only had to do that and us it twice when wearing her was not the best solution. There are great support groups if you are interested (Babywearing International, and local chapters for your county.)

Excuse my messy hair- We were out for a walk through town!

She loves her Daddy!

We are a babywearing family!


  1. It makes so much sense, doesn't it!?? I hate seeing babies sitting alone in those carriers...

    1. Absolutely! I just want to wear her all the time...but know I need to put her down sometimes so she gets used to it!

  2. I LOVED my baby Bjorn with my oldest - baby wearing has come a LONG way since then - such a great thing!

  3. So sweet! I use to love using my Bjorn.

    1. I love how they even make kid-sized ones little kids can babywear during pretend play!


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