Wednesday, January 7, 2015

3 Month Milestones

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This month:
-You have rolled over, from your tummy to your back! You aren't doing it consistently, but you definitely can do it without assistance, when you want to!
-You are starting to be able to fall asleep on your own. I have to get the timing down just right- make sure you ate enough and are super close to sleep when I put you down, then you drift off. Sometimes it doesn't work and I just hold you until you fall asleep :-)

- You still aren't taking a bottle. Daddy has started to just give you a nipple to play with while he holds you. You play with it just fine... but don't take it when there is milk attached to it :-/
- Mommy only has 1 month left off with you and dreading leaving you in someone else's care...although we have a great option in place
- You weigh 14.6 lbs and are 24" long
- You love talking, smiling, flirting and playing bashful with Mommy and Daddy
- You like to dance and listen to music of all sorts, shake your maraca and wiggle along to the songs

Sweet Baby Girl-
Time is absolutely flying. I am getting very sad that in just 1 month, I will be leaving you in the hands of someone else so that I can go back to work. I love your smiles and when you flirt with Mommy and Daddy. I love hearing and seeing you talk to Daddy- and when Daddy smiles back at you, like you are the only thing in the world :-) You still love bath time; pretty soon, we'll introduce some bath toys. 

It's been getting pretty cold outside, but you enjoy going on walks with Mommy and Daddy when you are in the Ergo or Moby Wrap. Nora and Xena love sniffing and trying to lick you. Mommy still isn't too sure about them licking your face, but your hands I am ok with. 



  1. She is too cute!! I miss the little one next to giant stuffed toy phase. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. She is getting so big! Way to go with the rolling!

  3. So cute, I remember those days where you are trying to put them down still awake but it doesn't always work.

  4. Look at that hair!!! My boys were bald for ages....she is so sweet! Enjoy every minute :)


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