Friday, January 16, 2015

Favorite Baby Product: Gentle Giraffe by Cloud b

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One of our favorite baby products is our Cloud b Gentle Giraffe. From day one of having Baby Girl home, we have used it. They have so many cute ones, but we chose the giraffe. We chose the giraffe because that was the "theme" we decided on (check out my Nursery post!). We have always put it on the same sound (there are 8) (the heartbeat), but recently I have branched out and started using the other sounds. They are all so peaceful and help Baby Girl peacefully drift off to sleep. The sounds are calming- I admit they make me ready for sleep when we are listening to it while I rock and nurse her!

4 types of sounds- play, calm, relax, sleep
Each type of sound has 2 options- a musical/nature sound, and white noise sounds
Velcro strap to attach to crib rails
Battery operated= portability (Batteries have lasted 2 months so far and going strong!)
Soft and Cuddly
Timer options- 23 mins and 45 mins
Volume control

Did you use a sound machine or white noise? What were some of the sounds your baby enjoyed when drifting off to sleep?

She loves her Gentle Giraffe


  1. We love our Cloud B bunny! It is so soft and plush and helps soothe my baby. We actually lost the original one on New Year's (almost lasted a whole year!) and I got a new one in time for her 1st birthday. When we pulled it out of the bag and gave it to her, she was sooo happy. It's fun to watch recognition happen with babies.

  2. A timer option! I would have loved that when Amelia was a baby. I'd put her for nap with her musical Pooh. Neat idea.

  3. Love cloud b. My sister is due in May so this will be on the list :)

  4. I wish this was around when my guys were little!


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