Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting Back to Normal

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With the holidays over, it is time to take down decorations, or at least think about taking down decorations. On my walk through town today, I passed numerous Christmas trees that have already been disassembled and put out to the curb. Living in a borough means that we have very specific trash collection rules/policies. For example, Christmas trees are only collected on the first two weeks following New Year's Day. For us, that means that by January 14, we have to have our tree out to the curb if we want it picked up. Another example of the rules we have- we can only have 2 trashcans out, but can have unlimited recycling bins- a policy I like b/c it forces most to do better at recycling.

Anyway- here is my temporary "return to normal":
Santa has been here
There's usually a dog crate here- this photo
was taken right after taking down the tree

At this point, I am only removing the Christmas tree. I hate how the holidays come with such force, then they are over and done with, with a blink of the eye. I'll slowly go through the process of undecorating- especially with Baby Girl's erratic napping schedule. Things are taking longer than they used to :-)

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