Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#Naptime Pursuits: Ergo Baby Strap Drool Guards

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We officially have a drooler! Baby Girl has been gumming and drooling on everything :-) I think it's adorable, and quite wet when accidentally touched without knowing. Since we wear her everywhere, I wanted some drool guards for the Ergobaby so that it doesn't have to be washed as often. I priced them out and found some really cute ones on Easy. But, with my current limited income (I am still on maternity leave) situation, and my own craftiness, I decided to make some.

All of the materials needed I already had on hand so this project cost my $0- My favorite kind of price!

Material of your choice- (4) 6.5"x9" squares
      (I used minky for one side, flannel for the other side)
Cotton batting - (2) 6.5"x9"
      (I had a remnant that was just the right size)
Sewing Machine/Serger

1. Once I got my material cut, I placed the flannel and the minky right side together, then laid the cotton batting on top.

2. I served around 3 edges, then flipped it right side out.

3. Iron to make seams flat (I chose not to top stitch, but I would have if I have used different materials)

4. Sew open side closed

5. Sew one side of velcro to one 6" length of drool pad, then flip over and turn and sew other side of velcro to opposite side and edge. Depending on your carrier, the velcro position will likely change. With my Ergobaby, I put it on the shoulder strap and pinned the velcro on the drool pad where I needed it to go. I also have about an inch overlap so that gives me some wiggle-room.

6. Put on Ergobaby Carrier, put baby in carrier, and let her suck away, worry-free!


  1. I always love to see your creations. Very creative!

  2. Brilliant! My boys were always gumming up the Ergo!


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