Monday, February 2, 2015

Sew Your Own Fleece Soakers

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I rekindled a love affair of mine! You all know that I love crafting, knitting, and making anything and everything. I have posted on here before about different sewing projects I have done (you can see some here, here, and here). I always forget how much I love sewing until I start up again. I go on a sewing binge; my neck, back and arms start to hurt from sitting on the floor cutting material, tracing patterns and sitting at my machines. Then, something comes up that interrupts my affair with my machines and I loose the affair until, one day, some project rekindles it!

You can see my funky zig-zag stitch :-)
In preparation for returning to work, I wanted to have a few more diapers/covers that we could use at home if we needed an extra day before we got to laundry. (Yes, we still intend on washing the diapers ourselves even when I am back to work. No, I did not look into a diaper service and no, we are not interested.) We typically wash diapers every 2 days, but we can stretch it to 3. I just wanted a few more on hand in the event that we needed to push it to 4 days. After rekindling my affair and making the pants, drool pads and hats for Baby Girl, I decided to tackle a fleece soaker. I figured it wasn't too hard and I found a bunch of free and paid patterns online through a cloth diaper sewing group I joined on Facebook. I used this one. I had originally decided that making diapers was too far above my sewing skills, but after joining this group, I changed my mind and decided to at least give it a try. I though a soaker was the perfect jumping off point. The thing about cloth diapers- it becomes an addiction because so many are cute. I figure if I can make them, I'll be saving even more money!

These are the first 2 I made
I originally made a medium one and thought it was going to be too big so I made a small one. The small one works great with a prefold and Snappi. They were so easy that I whipped up another 4- another small and 3 more mediums! I got the material from JoAnn's on sale and with a coupon so it was $4.99/yard. I bought 1/2 yard of each. I probably could get 2 per 1/2 yard so for $7.50 I could have gotten 6 fleece soakers. I did add an additional soaker layer in the wetzone of material I already had and used some of the material to make fleece pants like these ones. They aren't perfect, but they work for us and I know they'll get better as I continue to make some! My learning curve now is figuring out the tension on my sewing machine for various materials.

There is one more but it was on Baby Girl when this picture was taken

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