Monday, March 9, 2015

5 Month Milestones

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This month:
-You have mastered a slow, controlled roll and we can't keep you on your belly
-You have found your toes and enjoy sucking on them :-)
-You were baptized
-You weigh 15lbs, 6oz and are 26" long
-You are trying to blow raspberries (3 days after your 5-month birthday, you have done it!)
-You are SO close to rolling over from your back to your belly...SO close!
-You are getting pretty steady at sitting up

Dear Gracie,
Time is going so unbelievably fast. I have been back at work for a month now, and it hasn’t gotten any easier leaving you each day. You were baptized on a really cold, windy day and Mommy and Daddy forgot to turn the oven off before we left for church (uh-oh), but Aunt Sandi came and turned it off for us. You discovered your toes one night while changing your diaper and now you can’t get enough of them. You like to try to suck on your toes and your fingers at the same time. You have been trying to blow raspberries, just like Mommy and Daddy do to you. It is the cutest thing to watch you try to figure out the lip positioning and the amount of drool that comes with the practice.

You have been rolling over nonstop. We can’t even keep you on your belly very long before you want to roll over. You are so close to being able to roll over in both directions! Mommy and Daddy absolutely enjoy and look forward to the time when we can play with you each day. We had a few snow days this month and Mommy and Daddy loved the extra cuddles with you! You are still drinking from your sippy cup, but at daycare, you also drink from a bottle (but not at home!)

We look forward to continuing to watch you grow. Each day you do something new and we are enjoying every minute of it, although it’s definitely going too fast!


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