Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Brief Update

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Sorry for being MIA for so long! Things have been pretty crazy the last few months! Since my last post, Baby Girl is now 9 months (! how the heck did that happen already?!), we listed our house for sale, were under contract in 3 days and had to find a house; otherwise we would have been moving into an apartment with 2 dogs, a cat, baby and 2 adults- it would have been an uncomfortable setting to say the least. Anyway, we were blessed to find a house that met all of our needs, under budget, and that had potential to make our own! We were supposed to move June 30, but it ended up being delayed for a week. We have now been in the house 2 weeks and are working on just hanging up curtain rods. We unpacked some boxes to function but then had to put unpacking on hold to host a baby shower for dear friends of ours. Now we are back to unpacking.

We moved out of Chester County into Lancaster County. The goal of the move was to get more for our money, in addition to providing me with the opportunity to stay home with Baby Girl and any future babes that come our way. It definitely was an answer to prayer and a leap of faith following the call. Since I've been 15, I have had a job- most of them full-time during summers and throughout college. While I still have a paying job, it's part-time and I get to make my schedule. I'll still be going Early Intervention, but I'll be going into the homes to work with families of 0-3 year olds with special needs. I haven't started yet, and won't be for another few weeks.  Right now I am settling into my new role as a SAHM! The hope is to make my schedule so that I will go into the homes on Saturday's or after Hubby gets home from work to avoid daycare costs (it's a mortgage payment these days!).

Anyway- there's a small update on our lives. We are going to be searching for a new church- a task that I am excited and nervous about. I want to find a church that feels "alive" and "on fire" but am nervous to branch out of the denomination that I grew up in. Who knows, maybe the church we feel at home in will still be Methodist- it is the closest one to us (still).

Here's a newer picture of Baby Girl for your enjoyment :-) She was just about 9 months here (a couple days shy) and it was her first ponytail. She looks huge! She is now crawling everywhere, pulling herself up and starting to take steps holding onto furniture...now we are in trouble

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