Monday, July 27, 2015

Sentiments from Babe

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Pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or just had a baby? I know I have a few friends who either just had their first baby or are about to have their first. The excitement for both mom and dad-to-be that follows a positive pregnancy test cannot be described in words- it's an emotion one doesn't forget and one that is impossible to quantify. It's an emotion like no other; scared, excited, elated, nervous, worried, impatient, like you have so much to do, overflowing with joy and many more.

I remember when I read the results telling me we were going to have a baby, I screamed with excitement. I cried, I laughed, I was worried about a million different things, curious what baby would be like- if it was a boy or girl, although it was far too early to tell. I wanted to know what their voice would sound like, who the baby would look more like, would I be able to breastfeed, etc. I was worried about what I was putting into my body- was it safe for baby, was the music too loud, was I sleeping enough, would baby make it full term, when should we tell people, and the list never ended.

As the time grew closer to my due date, the worries morphed- would I be able to labor the way I wanted to, what would it feel like, would it be fast, how would I know I was in labor, etc. I was so excited to hold and touch and look and smell our new baby but knew I had some work to do first. During the labor, I remember Hubby encouraging me to continue pushing when I felt like I couldn't do anymore. He said things like "Gracie wants to meet you so you have to push" or "Lets meet our baby". Those are the words that kept me going even though I was exhausted, nervous, hungry and running on adrenaline.

It's a magical thing, becoming a mom. The worries continue, but they change almost daily. After she was born, I wondered if I was doing things right or could I do anything wrong. It was new for me, to trust my instincts whole-heartedly and trust that I (and Hubby) knew what was best for our little babe. Encouragement from friends and family helped, but the person I really wanted encouragement from didn't have the words to communicate. I could tell what she was "thinking" or "feeling" by her reactions, cries and by reading her cues, but it took a little bit of time.

Mum Mum Cards is a great way to give pregnant women and new moms the encouragement they are looking for, even though baby can't communicate yet. They offer cards that convey "On My Way" and "I'm Here" from the baby's perspective. The cards offer creative designs with meaningful sentiments from baby. They have a glossy sheen, come with an envelope and have funny, meaningful sentiments printed on each one. I had the opportunity to look at and review 3 of them and LOVE them. I will be sending some out to my new-parent friends and my expecting-parent friends.

"I'm Here" collection

"On My Way" collection

"On My Way" collection
Take a look at Mum Mum Cards and see they many different designs they have. They are humorous and sentimental and I'm sure you will find the perfect one!

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