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Hi- I'm Lindsay! I am a late twenty-something (ugh). I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, and a new Momma!  The Hubby (my best friend) and I were high school sweethearts who went to different high schools (we met in youth group). We went to different colleges and got married a couple of weeks after I graduated from my undergrad. We live in eastern PA, just outside of Philadelphia. Both of us grew up in NJ but moved to PA for college and work. We have two cats- from college, and two boxer dogs/puppies. Our newest addition to the family is our baby girl! 
Shenandoah 2011
1 week old
Our faith is at the center of our relationship, and I thank God everyday for the life he has given Hubby and me. 

Maine 2012 with Nora
For as long as I can remember, I have always been into crafts and DIY projects. I didn't fully realize the sense of gratification I feel when I complete a project or build something or remodel something for myself. I think I fully realized that in my undergraduate career because I was an Architecture student. I learned how to use various art and building medias as well as how to use model shop equipment. I like to think that being an Architecture student was a stepping stone into my lifelong fulfillment of making things on my own.
Fall 2012

I am also learning how to cook. I can easily heat things up, and I can cook when it's just for me. But, when it comes to cooking for others- even my best friend, I get nervous and anxious. Meat is extremely overwhelming unless it's in the crockpot. I hat touching raw meat- it's slimy and you have to worry about touching other things with slimy fingers- yuck! But- I am getting better!

Winter 2012/2013 with new puppy- Xena
I love to grow my own food, I love to preserve my food, and I get a great satisfaction in opening my own food throughout the year. These skills are self taught, but it seems to have worked so far!

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